Kenneth provided one of the

Kenneth provided one of the most amazing massages I’ve ever had. I came to him with pain in my hip, and I left feeling not only relief but also a more open mind. First of all, Kenneth is a gentle giant. His hulking presence is balanced with a soft and kind personality. He welcomed me into his beautiful home that overlooked LA, and his gentle pup greeted me.

Kenneth took time to understand what I was looking for and if I had any pain. He was quick to understand and offer solutions to how he would approach my session. His technique and pressure were exactly what I needed. I asked for hard pressure, and he was able to walk the line of being effective without being painful. The pain in my hip was located quickly and he used a combination of manual therapy and stretching that left me pain-free and feeling quick relief.

One of my favorite parts of the session was the music he chose to play. It was unlike any other I heard during a massage. It was a guided mediation by Alan Watts, a philosopher. This, combined with the massage that addressed my pain, his demeanor, and the environment resulted in one of the most incredible massage experiences I ever had.

I would 100%, hands down, no questions asked, recommend a massage with Kenneth. You will be happy you did.